2018 Conference


Overall 2018 Winner 
    Humanities Oral presentation 
      "The Implicit Message is: Do You Matter?": The Challenges Experienced by Psychologists Working in Cancer
        By Taylor Michl from Webster University

Oral Presentation Plaque Awards
        A Deep Network for Predicting Epoxidation of Drug-like Molecules
            By Ayush Kumar, Tyler B. Hughes and Joshua Swamidass from Washington University
    Physical Sciences
        The Mechanism of  PALB2's Interaction with DNA in Homologous Recombination
            By Lakshmi Kanikkannan and Jaigeeth Deveryshetty from St. Louis University

Oral Presentation Honorable Mentions
        Feuling the Fire: How the East St. Louis Daily Journal Sparked the 1917 East St. Louis Race Riot
            By Michelle Seymour from University of Missouri - St. Louis
        Brain Shape Chnges are Associated with the Enlargement of the Cerebellum and the Evolution of a Novel
        Sensorimotor System in Mormyrids
            By Jerry Shen and Kimberly V. Sukhum from Washington University

Poster Presentation Plaque Awards
    Humanities and Fine Arts
        The Impact of Stress of Future Expectations on Undergraduate Students
            By Kiara Hill, Tarik Buljubasic, and Gina Piacentine from St. Louis University
    Social Sciences
        Students' Conceptual Models as Representations of their Understanding of Gene Expression
            By Raquel Kragel, Pranav Konda, Caleigh Horan, Konnor Brennan, and Amanda Sebesta from St. Louis
    Biomedical and Physiology
        Brain Markers of Orthographic Similarity
            By Stephanie Faulkingham from University of Missouri - St. Louis
        Investigating a Potential Role of YopJ in Regulating the Cellular Ubiquitination Pathway in Yeast
            By Alex Benben from St. Louis University

Poster Presentation Honorable Mentions
    Humanities and Fine Arts
        Beyond Acute Social Stress: Individual Differences in Self-Agency
            By Miranda N. Jany from University of Missouri - St. Louis 
    Social Sciences
        The Effects of Religiosity and Media Priming on Attitudes Towards Alcohol
            By Surabhi Swaminath, Trenten Foulkrod, and Cassandra Travers from St. Louis University
    Biomedical and Physiology
        Prevalence and Severity of Anemia in Haiti
            By Linda Le from St. Louis University
        The Mechanism of  PALB2's Interaction with DNA in Homologous Recombination
            By Lakshmi Kanikkannan and Jaigeeth Deveryshetty from St. Louis University

Outstanding Faculty Award
    Dr. Elsa Fan from Webster University