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Sponsoring Universities

Saint Louis University
At Saint Louis University, research is encouraged in a variety of disciplines and is considered an important aspect of learning for both undergraduate and graduate education. The research focus is basic, molecular, biomedical, clinical, epidemiological, educational as well as vaccine development. Two recent additions to the research culture are development of the Center for World Health and Medicine and new construction of the Doisy Research Center to house expanding research in biomedical and basic sciences.
University of Missouri-St. Louis

University of Missouri-St. Louis emphasizes the role of undergraduate research experiences in interdisciplinary studies, in addition to traditional laboratory based disciplines.  UMSL students partake in influential research in regional policy and public health affairs. 
 St. Louis College of Pharmacy

St. Louis College of Pharmacy offers students an both liberal arts and professional pharmacological science preparation as part of their curriculum.  STLCOP emphasizes both innovative pharmacological research and experiential learning in one of the nation's most distinguished medical communities.  Integrated research programs investigate the role of aging, health literacy, and interpersonal education in medication compliance.