Do I have to pay for this event?
If you attend one of our sponsoring universities, attendance is free of charge! In the event you do not attend one of these universities, please contact us prior to submitting an application.

I worked on two different projects. Can I make two presentations?
Your name may appear on more than one application, however you may only submit one application in which you are the first author.

My presentation at the Symposium will be different from what I applied with and proposed. Is this acceptable?
Yes, small changes are acceptable to a project. We understand the dynamic endeavor that is research. However, very large changes that alter the goal or dramatically change project results will need to be reviewed again. We ask that if this occurs to please notify us at least 2 weeks prior to the event for us to review the changes and integrate your abstract changes into our program prior to being printed. If you are unsure as if your change would be considered a “dramatic” change it is imperative that you contact us. Changing your project without notifying the board may make you ineligible for awards.

How are applications and abstracts reviewed?
The Inter-School Board meets throughout the year to review abstract submissions. We strive to accept all applications, however we are limited by the size of our venue. After the Board reaches a decision on your abstract submission, a representative from the Board will notify you with the status of your application.

Can I invite family and friends to come view my presentation?
Yes! Our event is open to the public and we encourage you to bring guests! However, due to limited seating and budget, we may not be able to accommodate all guests for our catered meal. If you want your guests to be able to attend the lunch, you must list them during registration. In the event your application is approved, we will contact you regarding the meal. If you have guests who are not registered for a meal, there are many dining options in our venue and within walking distance of campus.

Can a group of student who worked on a project together still present?
Yes, this is acceptable. Only one application is needed for the group of students who worked on the project. Please make sure that all names are put down on the application so that everyone is represented and we can put everyone on our roster. Research is all about working together and networking, we encourage this kind of work!

When is the event being held? Where?
This information can be found on our homepage.

Can I present if I do not have an IRB or IACUC approval (assuming your project includes human or animal subjects, respectively)? 
No. Your application will be rejected if we are not able to verify the protocol number you provided on your application.

What if I need audio-visual equipment or other accommodations for my presentation?
On the application, let us know what you need for your presentation. Examples include power outlets, surge protectors, projectors, etc. You will be notified by e-mail prior to the symposium of whether we are able or not to accommodate the equipment requests you indicated on your application. If you are bringing your own equipment and require extra space for your project’s configuration, please notify us before the event.

What are the requirements for the abstract?
The Symposium Guidelines provide detailed rules for your abstract. These rules can be found under the 2017 Symposium tab on our website's menu.

What are the requirements for posters?
The Symposium Guidelines provide detailed rules for your poster. These can be found under the 2017 Symposium tab on the our website's menu.