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Inter-School Board

The 2017 Board Application will be available soon!

Did you enjoy the 2016 Symposium? Have ideas for how to make it better? Join the board!

The Saint Louis Undergraduate Research Symposium is hosted annually by an Inter-School Board composed of  undergraduate researchers and organizational enthusiasts. Each year the Inter-School Board selects a new Director from its members and opens itself to the addition of new members to represent their university in ensuring a successful symposium for all sponsoring schools. Board members gain the experience and skills required to collaborate with other undergraduates as well as influential faculty and business leaders to host a full scale research symposium.

The success of the Symposium reflects on the students’ ability to work together and accomplish their goals. Through the course of the year the ISB-members will upkeep the handbook, formulate a budget, connect with faculty members and university leaders to secure funding and the location of the Symposium, contact media outlets for advertising, as well as planning the layout and timeline of the event.

If you are interested in helping us in the planning process and becoming an influential member of the final steps in securing full responsibly for the organization, please contact the Inter-School Board via email at