The St. Louis Undergraduate Research Symposium links members of the area's top academic institutions and provides undergraduates and mentors with opportunities to collaborate, share findings, and learn from one another.  Innovation depends on the exchange of ideas, and involving undergraduates in the conversation paves the way for this next generation of researchers to tackle the great problems in natural science, social science, and humanities.  The Symposium offers the opportunity for undergraduates and mentors to inspire and be inspired, while sharing the results of their hard work.

However, this would be impossible without the support from universities, companies, and individual donors.  Your contributions will make the 2016 Symposium this April possible, allowing the St. Louis undergraduates to collaborate, network, and innovate.

Please email or fill out this contact form if you or your institution are interested in supporting STLAURS in our efforts to organize this Symposium and promote excellence in undergraduate research.